The Cape Fear Contra Dancers club holds several dances each month in Wilmington, NC.    The dances are open to the public --teenagers to age 100-- for those who like to get their blood moving.    Beginners are always welcome. Check our Event Schedule for upcoming dances.

Recently WECT TV in Wilmington ran a feature about the Cape Fear Contra Dancers. The video provides a look at contra dancing and dancing at our events.

What Is Contra Dancing?    An Americanized dance for groups of couples, based on English, Irish, and Scottish country dancing.    Dances are built around a few easy-to-learn, basic steps. A caller teaches each dance, and then to lively music he calls the steps during the dance.    Each time through the dance couples move up or down the set so that you are always dancing with different people.    Normal protocol is to take a different partner for each dance, so throughout the evening you will meet just about everybody at the dance.    We are fortunate to have live music played at our dances.

Still curious about Contra Dancing? Click here for a good article about contra dancing in Charlotte. While our Willmington dance group is not as large, we do have the same fun. We have a good dance floor in the activities building of the 5th Avenue United Methodist Church located at 409 South 5th Avenue between Nun and Church streets.

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Tuesday, 2/13, dance cancelled due to a problem at the church.